Let's Spread the Citrus Cheer...

COVID-19 has created a scenario that most of us would have never imagined.

Our lives are being altered as we navigate unchartered territory. However, there are many thoughtful individuals who are doing their best to bring about some cheer during these trying times. Inspired by their stories, we decided to do our tiny bit.

We recently asked on Instagram for chefs who were keeping their doors open to help their neighborhoods.  We were overwhelmed with requests and sent boxes to multiple cities. To all those heroes: We Thank You!!! This got us thinking that we need to spread some citrus cheer during this gloom.

As chefs, as parents, as children, as friends, each and every one of you is doing their utmost best to power through. Let’s help each other out. We are looking for simple citrus recipes, ways to preserve different citruses, citrus tips for those at home, or simply a citrus joke. Anything that will bring a smile to the citrus community. Tag us on @yuzu_lemons on Instagram and use the hashtag #CitrusCheer.

Once this storm passes, when normalcy resumes, we want to be able to stand up and say that we made a difference – even if it was just a tiny bit.

Keep well, stay safe, be healthy and we will all get through this together.

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