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#CitrusCheer Yuzugama Recipe
Yuzugama: A recipe where a yuzu is used as a small pot

One of the most amazing things to come from our trip to Japan last year is our friendship with Lionel Dersot. A Frenchman who has adopted Japan as his home, Lionel is deeply immersed in Japanese culture and cuisine. His insight into Japanese citrus growing regions was most valuable.

A big thank you to Lionel in helping us spread the #CitrusCheer. Here's his recipe for Yuzugama with cold and warming filling suggestions.



In Japan, yuzugama refers to any recipe where a yuzu is used as a small pot (kama or gama) to cook food inside. The possibilities are limitless but savory mixes of seafood with vegetables and a binding sauce moistured with the juice work perfectly.

You want to use larger sized yuzu, cut a horizontal lid, and meticulously scoop out the flesh and seeds with a spoon. You may decide to skim away a thin layer of albedo (thicker, fibrous inner layer) at the border of the yuzu, or try your hand at some fancy cuttings but beware not to open a hole in the skin. Yuzugama imparts flavor to the filling mix inside kept for that purpose in the refrigerator with cold recipes. A more common approach is steamed yuzugama with a filling precooked or half-cooked depending on the ingredients. The standard steaming temperature is 212 F(100 C) for somewhere around 12 minutes. Eat with small dessert spoons. 

Cold filling suggestion:

A mixture of julienned carrots, daikon, vinegar, yuzu juice and seasonings allowed to marinate together for at least 30 mins and then served in the yuzugama.

Warm filling suggestion:

Shrimp and shiitake mushroom filling steamed in the yuzugama with a sauce of yuzu juice, miso, mirin, sake, and dashi


We can't wait for the yuzu season in September to try this one out. Do you have any citrus tips for our readers? Please do send us your tips, recipes, photographs or a joke to or tag us on Instagram @yuzu_lemons and tag #CtirusCheer

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